August 9, 2012

Dear NHL Fans,

I urge, no implore you, to write to the NHL Offices. Spread the word, find ways to take a stand. We can’t let Gary Bettman treat us like this. Gary Bettman was hired to get the Owners more money. That’s led to 2 lockouts and a 3rd if it gets to one this year. That would mean two seasons or two and a half seasons missed in 20 years. The NHL was the first professional league to cancel an ENTIRE season because of Gary Bettman. It’s time we stand up and stop allowing this little bridge troll piss ant to stop taking away the sport we love. Honestly, I’d love hockey fans to sit outside the NHL Offices and protest it like an Occupy the NHL Offices. But I doubt that’s possible. Still wishful thinking on that one. But I think we owe it to ourselves as fans to take a stand and write to them. Threaten to boycott the league. In your letter say that you refuse to go to the NHL Store, you refuse to buy merchandise online. Hell there are ways to go online and watch games so go as far as to say that when the NHL does return, you won’t tune in. Bettman was quoted as saying “the booing doesn’t bother me. When I walk up to the podium at the draft or at the Stanley Cup and the crowd is silent, that’s when I’ll worry.” Sports are becoming way, way, way too greedy and the middle class hardworking fan will soon be alienated from arenas and stadiums all over the country. With PSL’s, new stadiums with more luxury boxes and less seats are shutting out the “true fans” if you will. Even if you don’t think writing a letter will work, it’s worth a shot. Take 15-20 minutes and write a letter. I urge you to be sincere and not rash and scathing. Tell him what hockey means to you, tell him how important it is for you. Be scathing if you want but don’t give him a reason to not listen to you. Show your fandom. He needs to understand you can’t keep locking the players out. It’ll be almost impossible to get new fans and TV contracts if he locks the league out again! 2 lockouts in 8 years is unheard of. The NHL fans have been silenced as the 4th sport long enough. It’s time we take a stand. Use your talents to help. If you’re a graphic designer, use that. I’m studying acting and I plan to use my talents to make videos to see if that will help. Let’s make some noise.

If you want to send something to the NHL Office the address is:

1185 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036


1251 Avenue of the Americas 47th Floor New York, NY 10020

Please. Don’t sit on your ass.

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    We support letter writing and any other way to publicize your dissent. Thank you for the ideas!
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